“What a miracle..Alice Di Piazza is able to create beauty with just two notes…sublime…magnificent concert..”

Annemarie Peteers De Standaard ,Belgium,

Alice Di Piazza is probably the best proof of the role of the interpreter. With a complete dedication she truly embodies what she plays. Beautiful version of the Chaconne and the concerto for piano and orchestra Introitus Sofia Gubaidulina.”

Nieuwe Noten,  Ben Taffijn, Belgium


“Great pianist. The excellent performance of the pianist Alice Di Piazza.

With her naked feet she built an intimate and direct relationship with the piano.

Her touch on the keyboard was elegant and energetic. The sound was extremely clean and deep. It was a “gift” for those who could listen to her music, a magic artistic experience full of sensibility and musicality.

Giornale La Repubblica, Italy

“New international star of classical piano, Alice Di Piazza is the expected guest of the recital proposed this night at the International Festival Palermo Classica”

Giornale La Repubblica ( Italy)


“Alice Di Piazza, one of the most esteemed contemporary pianist, was back to Messina with a complex and appealing program, entitled “La Poésie de la trascendance”, a musical investigation into the renowned instrumental production that goes beyond perceptible and material experience. This highly talented pianist succeeded in catching the very deep soul of the music she played. Her concert was intense and powerful in which also “silence” was charged with a profound meaning”.

Italy, La Gazzetta del Sud

 “Alice Di Piazza, one of the most esteemed Italian pianists, is a gifted and poetic pianist. She performed with great sensibility and personality and was able to achieve the not so common objective of combining technical skills with a mature and trenchant artistic personality. She touched the keyboard with either extreme delicacy and energy. She was passionate and deeply absorbed by the music she proposed, accompanying her performance with expressive gestures which amplified the musical meanings”.

Italy, Caterina Morabito


“The Italian pianist Alice Di Piazza asserts highly her personality with an interpretative choice dominated by a deep feeling of an infinitely touching humanity. She serves music with an admirable fervour”

Switzerland, Denise De Ceuninck 


“ Exceptional concert in Neuchatel with Ivan Monighetti, at the cello and Alice Di Piazza at the piano. They have invited the public to feel the music not only like a symbol of Beauty, but also as a living testimony of Humanity”

Switzerland, L’impartial


“The pianist Alice Di Piazza played a program devoted to Liszt, Brahms and Rachmaninoff with a vigour full of emotions. Able to extract from the piano the whole range of the sonorous variety , colours and contrasts this instrument may offer, the pianist aroused the auditory’s enthusiasm”.

Germany, Ibbenburener Volksreitung


“The pianist Alice Di Piazza, renowned solist, looks back on a long-standing collaboration with Sofia Gubaidulina, revealed a strong personality through her interpretative choises of the solo-part of Introitus piano concerto which were dominated by infinitely touching feelings and an impressive humanity.Her playing was the contemplative antipode to the Tutti orchestra-part. A concert full of a remarkable intensity”

Switzerland, Luzerner Zeitung


“The extraordinary Italian pianist offered a programme that can only be performed once the steps of the Parnassum have long been climbed. The young interpreter reveals a particularly elevated artistic level”.

Allemagne, Westefälische Tagepost


“Alice Di Piazza offered to us “Introitus”, Sofia Gubaidulina’s piano concerto, playing with commendable vigour and warmth. Her intense and lyrical interpretation, which was presented to us as a gift, is to be heard on one’s knees. An exceptional soloist”.

Switzerland, L’Impartial


“Exceptional music event at the festival Midis-Minimes, at the Grande Salle du Conservatoire Royal of Brussels, with the performance of the young Italian pianist Alice Di Piazza”.

Belgique, “La libre Belgique” 


“The pianist interpreted in an admirable way the three « Sonetti del Petrarca » of Franz Liszt with great virtuosity. The pianist proved to possess a great musical maturity and a deep competence; in a crowded concert hall she collected a warm and deserved clapping”.

Germany, Herbert Brügge 


“The original interpretation of the young pianist Alice Di Piazza, who played the Ballade op. 47 of F. Chopin demonstrated a great piano virtuosity. Her musical style captivated the passionate and enthusiastic audience”

Italy, Rai 3 

“New exceptional concert at the “Societé de Musique” of La Chaux De Fonds (Switzerland). with Alice Di Piazza at the piano. Among the contemporary production for piano, the Chaconne of Sofia Gubaidulina dominate le panorama of this genius… Admirable was the incredible imagination of the pianist face to this score, her fantastic ability to visualize and recreate the soul of the music of Sofia Gubaidulina…a concert that will long stay in our memory…”

Switzerland, L’Impartial  


“The perfect balance of music and poetry”

Telegiornale di Sicilia


“In her amazingly passionate and extremely kaleidoscopic interpretation, the Italian pianist made the sonorous varieties vibrate and shine in a performance full of emotional heights and depths”.

Germany, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


“The young interpreter kept the audience with bated breath, since her performance was full of impressive sensibility and lyricism. The musician manifested a deep artistic understanding, playing Brahms sonata to a really high standard and offering a remarkable musical “event”.

Germany, RWK 1


“The sonorous plenitude and…joy of playing.She enchanted the listeners”

Germany, S.Salaschek

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