Press of the Messina Concert at the Filarmonica Laudamo, Italy

From Bach to Gubajdulina, the fervor of a pianist out of the ordinary” 

Giovanni Francio’



Alice Di Piazza, one of the most esteemed Italian pianists, is a gifted and poetic pianist. She performed with great sensibility and personality and was able to achieve the not so common objective of combining technical skills with a mature and trenchant artistic personality. She touched the keyboard with either extreme delicacy and energy. She was passionate and deeply absorbed by the music she proposed, accompanying her performance with expressive gestures which amplified the musical meanings” 

  Caterina Morabito, (Messina 01/05/2018)

“Alice Di Piazza, one of the most esteemed contemporary pianist, was back to Messina with a complex and appealing program, entitled “La poesie de la trascendance”, a musical investigation into the renowned instrumental production that goes beyond perceptible and material experience. This highly talented pianist succeeded in catching the very deep soul of the music she played. Her concert was intense and powerful in which also “silence” was charged with a profound meaning”

Gazzetta del Sud, (Messina 01/05/2018)

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