Alice Di Piazza gives a solo Recital for Messina Prison inmates

Piano Recital

Messina,  Filarmonica Laudamo and “Il teatro per sognare”

21st December, 2019,


“Culture must irrigate society, go directly to the people”

Alice Di Piazza


Artist committed to humanitarian level Alice Di Piazza gives, between two concerts, charity concerts for humanitarian associations such as Musique Espérance Mary’s Meals, Eurasia Foundation in Vietnam, Audavie Foundation etc. It involves being helpful and carrying music in unusual places, such as prisons and hospitals.

The important Sicilian Concert of December 21, 2018 at the “Piccolo Shakespeare” Theater inside the Gazzi District Courthouse in Messina sugogli the entry of Music on the stage of the Messina Penitentiary Institute.   The Concert is organized by D’aRteventi and the Filarmonica Laudamo. The concert is inserted as a special event, collateral to the 2018/2019 season of the Filarmonica Laudamo.    Alice Di Piazza, will play specifically in favor of the project “Il Teatro per Sognare”   The 21 Alice Di Piazza will welcome, at the end of its performance, a moment dedicated to the Poetry realized with the new group of the “Theater Company for Sognare” (medium security circuit)   The theatrical laboratory project that gave life to the theatrical space “Piccolo Shakespeare” and to the “Libera Compagnia del Teatro per Sognare” is the result of passionate collaborations that are a virtuous example of cooperation in favor of more disadvantaged areas that need so much support also giving space to a voice that goes beyond the classical canons of communication.    The “Piccolo Shakespeare” Theater, born in a very particular place, today also open to the city, has had and will have the honor and the fortune of having great artists like the “South West Coast Company” of Emma Dante at the end of October, Tindaro Granata important actor, playwright and director at the end of November, and the great pianist Alice di Piazza in mid-December. It is the great generosity and skill of artists such as those mentioned that more and more embellishes the project that aims to train prisoners through the knowledge of professionals who have made Art their reason for living and that having received so much from Art they have the great generosity to give themselves to those who need it most.   21 is a very important and significant piece of the project “The Theater for Sognare” and “Theater – paths of integration and freedom” through a moment of reflection among the various subjects involved professionals, young people and prisoners who will give the other the own significant life experience.


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